Wednesday, June 30, 2010

seeking the slavic in my soul

Okay, I'll admit it: I'm not really seeking the Slav that resides inside me--but last night I surely was! K and I went to Higher Ground to tear it up to the Brooklyn-based nine-man band Slavic Soul Party! I figured any band with a name like that (and an abundance of brass) had to put on a good show, right?

The band reminded me of a collegiate a cappella group that found, post-graduation, that they could no longer pick up girls by singing silly harmonies in a semi-circle (except for the accordian player--he seemed pretty legit). The music was a delight to dance to (albeit schizophrenic), and the crowd was having a great time. On stage they weren't as lively as their music insisted they be, but that was pretty forgivable considering how difficult it is to move around while blowing into a horn. I thought it was kind of funny, however, that they refused the encore (something I have never experienced before), saying that they had to "rest their lips" for the Montreal Jazz Festival, where they would apparently be playing in front of 50,000+ people. They might as well have said, "Screw you guys! This piddly Vermont turnout isn't worth the effort that it takes to bang a drum--we have bigger fish to fry!" Granted, it was a small crowd, but that's the way it goes at Higher Ground! There aren't very many Vermonters, and even fewer that want to go to a special-interest show on a Tuesday night (besides, I've seen far fewer people on that dance floor for other shows, and they didn't even dance!).

(oh, and ps because you most definitely didn't notice: i got my ears re-pierced last weekend! they closed up last year because i was sticking far too many foreign metals in those poor holes--i think the biggest culprit was the dangly pair or earrings i bought from a street vendor in florence)

Anyway, K and I were wired when we got home, so we didn't get to sleep until late(r than usual). Luckily our landlord just happened to call around 7:30 or we would probably still be in bed. I'm such an old person, it's depressing!

(dress: Charlotte Russe; chambray shirt: Walmart; scarf: F21; necklace: UO; boots: ALDO; socks: TJMaxx, belt: thrifted)

I love to dance! It's my absolute favorite thing. If I could dance every night I probably would, and it's so much more fun to dance to a really funky band! Nobody tries to grind up against you or bodyslam you in a mosh pit--the only unsolicited interaction you might be forced to contend with is that someone might try to grab your hand for a little swing dancing! And that's not so bad, right? I know that most people believe they were born in the wrong decade, but I really would have loved to be a flapper in the roaring twenties (even if those fringy little drop-waist dresses always make me look rather stumpy). Give me a big band and I will kick up my heels until dawn!

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  1. ahh man the days of moshing! loved it! love your denim and scarf!