Friday, June 18, 2010

tribal turnaround

I used to believe that I couldn't wear gold jewelry because it made my skin look pale&sickly. As you can see, I have since changed my tune. Now I kind of think silver makes me look green around the gills. Maybe I'm just weird--it's not like my skin tone has changed.

I've never been much of a jewelry girl, mainly because it takes far too much effort to achieve the sort of collection that would allow for the layers and layers of baubles that make jewelry appealing to me. I get so overwhelmed with my lack of necklaces that I don't even know where to start and I'm always dismayed when I purchase a new one and fail to wear it because it looks so lonesome around my neck. This is probably why I wear so many scarves.

That said, I think the simplicity of this single tassel appropriately balances the bangles, button ring and gold detail along the waistline of this funky tribal skirt. No need to get carried away.

The wannabe-worldly anthropologist in me is always filled with glee when tribal patterns make their way down the runway.

1. dries van noten
2. diane von furstenberg
3. gucci
(spring/summer 2010 images from

(skirt/gold cuff: F21; bangles: flea market; ring: button from france; tassel necklace: antique shop; shoes: kohl's; tank top: old navy)

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  1. I love your skirt, and I think the gold accessories look wonderful :)