Thursday, June 24, 2010

i like red stripe(s)

I've been feeling very casual lately... there is something about the summer humidity that makes me want to siesta all day long. I can hardly drag myself out of bed in the morning (I haven't gone for a run in almost a week now...), and all day long the air is so heavy that even breathing can be exhausting. And so, I simplify! Easy-breezy summer shorts, stripes, and slipper-style shoes. And some glasses for good measure.

I didn't intend to model my outfit after Red Stripe, but that's what keeps popping into my head. I love Red Stripe, mostly because of its cute fat little bottle & the vintage-inspired simplicity of the label :) Yes, I judge beers by their covers... what of it?

That said, there is also something about the summer heat that helps to hoist my inspiration up from the ashes. Last night, K went to Burlington to meet up with one of his friends, so I stayed home with a glass (or two, or three) of vin rouge, moved the bistro table out onto the back porch, and set down to scribble out several pages of what I can now officially call "my novel." It's been difficult for me to settle on the pursuit of one particular storyline (I usually have several ideas grappling for my attention at any given time), but this one has so far proved itself to be the most productive... so, it's decided!


  1. nice beer inspired outfit! I love it!

    I keep thinking I'll take really long dog walks, but the humidity and heat are far too much to take the dog for more than 30mn without killing him haha. Today there was a haze all over the lake in my neighborhood due to the heat, it was kind of off putting. If only we could have a mega thunderstorm to stave off this weather!

    oo you started your novel! exciting! I'm so uninspired this week, I worked on a humorous essay on Monday, but nothing felt natural or right, I couldn't get the creative flow going (wow, that sounds so pretentious and writerly haha) so I gave up & haven't felt very productive since UGG. so are you handwriting your novel? If you don't mind me asking, what is it about?

  2. love that you were inspired by a beer for an outfit! makes the outfit unique. and i know exactly what you mean about the hot weather, im so lazy in it! love the moccosins (spelt wrong)