Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a wedding for the win

Hey friends, big news! Remember when I mentioned that I had entered the Clothes Horse Modcloth giveaway and I got all excited about Polyvore and what a brilliant time-suck it was? Well guess what?! Miracle of miracles, joy of joys, I won!! I now have a brand, spanking new dress to wear to the upcoming wedding (and I didn't even have to drop a dime... unlike last time, which ended up being the most expensive article of clothing I've ever bought--more than both prom dresses combined!) But anyway! Now the trouble is deciding how to style it. After playing with Polyvore for a while, I came up with a few options and I would love your input!!

Option A: Animal Magnetism
I originally styled this dress (for the contest) with the same sort of animalistic accessories, but the boots were far too daytime for a fancy wedding. I'm loving the leopard trend lately (and although I happen to disagree with K's opinion that it "looks trashy," I am un petit peu worried that less-than-fashion-forward Vermonters in attendance at this event might raise eyebrows and whatnot). Also, the only leopard shoes I like (so far) are Jimmy Choos, which I can't even begin to afford.

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

red dress A

Option B: Glitters is Gold
Are peacock earrings totally passe? I don't know if I care, because I still love them--but I'm curious! This is the safer option--gold, gold, gold and a fantastic beaded purse with a similar sort of peacock-plume iridescence. I think it's also probably a little bit classier, as opposed to trendy.

red dress E

Option C: Contemporary Flapper
This option is very basic and, in my opinion, a bit of a yawn. However, the subdued accessories will tone down the vibrancy of my vavavoom red dress and keep me flying under the radar around the wedding party (everyone will be black-on-black). I love the feather purse and the fact that the earrings look like miniature chandeliers.

red dress D

Option D: Feathers and Furs
Once again with the feather earrings and leopard print... this look is maybe a bit too casual? I can't decide. I like the turquoise accessories but they don't scream 'evening.' I like the leopard clutch because it's small and simple and the colors coordinate really well with the earrings. But again, perhaps it's too much like something I would wear to a less formal affair?

red dress BFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

What are your thoughts? Option A, B, C, or D? Mind you, I do not currently own any of the above accessories so this may come down to a whatever-I-can-find-fast-and-cheap decision... but I'm curious about what you think! And thank you so, so much to Rebecca for conspiring with Modcloth to bring me so much joy!


  1. the last look is definitely my favourite! i would never think to pair blue shoes with that dress and your choices of accessories but it looks great!! & congrats...♥

  2. Congratulations! I like B and C, remember you have that gold mesh bag that was grammy's, I think it is here at the house somewhere.

  3. Woo, congrats on winning! I like both B & D though I lean more towards B because I just love peacock earrings too. And that bag is so sweet.