Tuesday, August 3, 2010

back from vacation blues

It's so hard to settle back into my regular routine. Ever since I returned from Cape Cod it's been a) raining, b) a construction zone outside my window at 6 am, and c) still weirdly hot and muggy. I need to splash in the surf! I need to stroll on the sand! I need to stuff my face with cheese! But no. I need to somehow find a way to banish the extra poundage I inherited over the course of the past week. That's what happens when you throw caloric caution to the wind and indulge, indulge, indulge! I swear I probably gained a pound a day.

(shorts/belt: Bargain Boutique; tank: Old Navy; boots: ALDO; scarf: etsy)

Do I look a little bit more tan, at least?? Up close I look pretty freckly.

I had my first foray into the magic of Polyvore today. Modcloth is hosting a giveaway on Rebecca's blog, and the dress in question was one that I toyed with the idea of purchasing for an upcoming semi-surprise (well, my invite was a bit of a surprise) wedding that I might be attending. It all felt very serendipitous, so I decided to register for this fabulous, time-sucking soul-satisfying website and create a look in a vain attempt to win myself the rose red dress. Here it is!

animal magnetismFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

animal magnetism by i_dress_at_waking_life featuring Seychelles shoes

Most importantly, I am dyyyyying to buy those Seychelles boots. Just dying. They're $90, which isn't crazy-out-of-control expensive, but my budget just isn't really budging, no matter how much I try to cut out (food, who needs that??) to make room for these boots in my life. We'll see. I might find a loophole in the contract I wrote with my pocketbook... until then, I'll just dream that I can even remotely afford anything in my little imaginary outfit.


  1. glad you had fun, but it is sad to return back from a stellar vacation. I'm excited for Nantucket next week, but I know I will totally overdo the ice cream haha

  2. I think you do look more tanned! I spent my time at the beach hiding under an umbrella, terrified of getting burnt... I like the scarf in your hair!