Thursday, August 26, 2010

it's a pheasant affair

Last night I met up with my mom for some spicy curry, champagne and shoe shopping. I'll tell you right now: there is nothing better. Especially on a Wednesday evening. And because my mother basically said that my glasses were silly, she inspired me to wear them today. In some ways, we never stop rebelling :)

(skirt: Salvation Army, hemmed; plaid tunic: TJMaxx; shoes: Seychelles; glasses: F21)

I found this skirt at Salvation Army and it was matron-long with a pretty awesome pheasant scene playing out along the bottom hem. Sadly, I was unable to incorporate the pheasants into the final skirt, but I saved them in case I'm inspired to include them in some future project. I still quite enjoy the burgundy color and little feathery design, even if it is a tad snug around the waist and sort of indecently short for the office.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. This outfit is perfect, everything about it! I love the boots and the skirt. So cute. hope your week is great. x

  2. I do hope to see the pheasants one day! And yup, my mom also always tells me that things look silly...