Wednesday, August 4, 2010

noir by northeast

This is what I wore on Sunday, when K and I went on a brief thrifting excursion and I walked away empty-handed. I wasn't going to post this outfit (even though it's one of my recent favorites!) because I had K take the photos that evening, and the lighting was a little harsh and my face is mysteriously shrouded by shadow in all but one shot. Alas, between the pounding rain rudely disrupting my REM last night and the sleep-shattering construction zone down below, I rolled out of bed this morning in a less than bushy-tailed state and I don't even know what I'm wearing right now (okay, I do, obviously, but it is unmentionably boring).

(hat: thrifted; scarf: thiscouldbeyou @ etsy; shirt: UO; skirt/belt: Bargain Boutique; shoes: Seychelles; D&B purse: Goodwill)

So let's just pretend that the shadows are an intentional homage to French film noir. Since I'm wearing my beloved "FRANCE" shirt, and all.

Also, this scarf is making a major comeback in my life (in bow form, it would seem). It was the very first thing that I bought on etsy, which led to a frantic etsy shopping spree that lasted for months. I kind of learned my lesson after buying several vintage dresses that were a) incredibly impractical for everyday wear or b) too small, but so awesome that I still swear I will fit into them someday somehow. Even if my bones are really just too big to be bothered.

Tonight K is going fishing and I am going to stay up late writing and drinking wine! Or maybe I'll just collapse on the couch and watch Woody Allen movies until the cows come home (I mean, until K comes home... whoops).


  1. cows come home? K comes home? haha love Woody Allen though!

    awesome t-shirt!