Thursday, August 5, 2010

forgive me for i have sinned

I bought these. And now my bank account is seriously suffering. I'm going to have to start stealing from the donation bin at the food shelf. These are absolutely the last fall shoes I am allowed to purchase and that's final. But aren't they glorious? Don't they make you want to sing? Look at the smooth, supple leather... the thick, titillating stitching... the rich, radiant mahogany hue... and those laces! Swoon...

Seriously, I was getting an ulcer from stressing that they would sell out.
It was a medical emergency.

Don't judge me.

UPDATE: My purchase inspired K to finally splurge on the boots he's been coveting since last Christmas (I'm such a bad influence). Behold the Wolverine Darby boot:

We're going to be such a dapper duo!

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