Friday, August 13, 2010

i hear that whistle blowing

Happy Friday, everybody! As you can see, I got my new boots in the mail and I love them.

Another thing I love? Ladies' Weekend! I'll be leaving work a little bit early and driving down to Portland, ME for a long weekend with my lovely college girlfriends!! I'm really excited :) It was quite a shock when I graduated from having these girls in my life every single day and night to moving across the country and seeing them not at all! Since I moved back we've been making an effort to get together regularly, so I'm finally getting back into the groove, but I still miss them! Last time we got together was for a little hen weekend before my friend S tied the knot at City Hall, and this time we're celebrating the departure of B, who will be jetting across the Atlantic at the end of August for a full year at the American University of Paris (I'm dripping with envy...)!

And I get to have lunch today with Shelley, my old college roommate and co-collegiate a cappella companion, whose husband (!) is in town on business! It's like a flashback to 2007, and I love love love it.

I also quite love this eighties dress, which was awkwardly long when I bought it (for $2!) at Bargain Boutique and is now the perfect length (thanks to my stellar hemming skills). The puffy sleeves are fantastic and the print will be perfect for fall.

Oh--and one more thing I love? You guys! Thanks for reading :)

(dress/belt: Bargain Boutique; hat: thrifted; necklace: antique store; boots: Seychelles via


  1. Wow. I love this outfit wayyyy too much. This is exactly the vibe I've been wanting for fall!

  2. I almost bought a similar looking pair of boots from Ruche the other day then took a loot at my bank account and cried a tear. Maybe next year!

  3. oh so many loves about this post, Caitlin. first, your new boots! man alive, those are darling and the perfect weapon for fall. the dress is so adorable too, and like you said, a perfect piece for fall too. love the tight, puffy sleeves, and of course, the floral print. cute, cute, cute.:)

    also, i wanted to thank you for your comment on my fashion blues post. gosh, you guys really know how to cheer a girl up. as much as I'm coveting your shoes right now (:D), you guys helped me realize that it's not all about the clothes and the shoes but more about the girl inside. it feels so good to hear that i'm an inspiration to someone. i'd take that over a new pair of wooden platforms any day. thanks so much for being so supportive when i needed it most!

  4. this dress is fantastic and in a slightly different color palette than what you usually wear, I love it!