Monday, August 2, 2010

missing cape cod ...

Sad, but true: I have returned from an absolutely blissful week on Cape Cod, where we did nothing but bake in the sun, eat lots of cheese, drink lots of dacquiris, play Bananagrams (and Trivial Pursuit), watch whales (and avoid sharks), and watch the sun set over the bay.

Au Revoir, Eastham. I'm already counting the days until I can sink my toes into your sandy beaches this time next year...

(all photos by me, bananagrams hand by K--the only time he won)


  1. Ooo looks idyllic, I'll be in Nantucket next week, can't wait!

  2. Amazing ocean pics! Wow!! Truly beautiful.

  3. Looks like the perfect chance to get away : ) I miss vacations. Ha. Especially the ones at the beach! Perhaps when I'm back at the university I'll have a weekend to get away.

    Ps - love the hats you are wearing in this post and that big comfy sweater!

  4. Aww, looks great. Seaside vacations are so great!

  5. Caitlin, your pictures are beautiful. However, I now realize Kyle did NOT win, since AIN is not a word. Can't wait until next year!