Wednesday, August 25, 2010

summertime simplicity

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo Da Vinci

(dress: F21; shoes: Seychelles; trench: H&M; dooney&bourke: Goodwill)

I'm definitely in favor of simplicity this week, but I love the playfulness of the polka dots and the secretive stripes of my trench lining in coordinating navy-and-white:

After work yesterday, K and I took a moment to bask in the end-of-summer sun with a couple of twist creemees (mine with rainbow sprinkles) on the stoop. Now that August is coming to a close, I'm simultaneously relieved and regretful. The plan is to pack Labor Day weekend full of all those summertime activities that we didn't get around to: bike riding in the Champlain Islands, one more visit to the drive-in, taking a cruise of Lake Champlain, dining al fresco at the restaurant across the street, BBQ at Lake Iroquois, perhaps a champagne picnic? It's always amazing to me how my to-do list is always thwarted by a full schedule (or lack of funds). That said, I already have plenty of fun, festive activities planned for autumn!


  1. Simplicity is definitely the way to go! you look lovely!

  2. You always seem to make the most out of every season! Can't wait to see what you do for all

    this outfit is great and I love your purse

  3. you look every single day
    i love that dress and trench

  4. i have the same dress, but in black. you are making me wish i had of chosen white! and oh gawwwd i want you coat. why is there not h&m by me?

  5. I agree, simplicity is the best look. I really love the white dress plus the brown leather accessories.

  6. You're the ultimate sophisticate then! The dress is lovely and really suits you, and I continue to be in love with your seychelles shoes!

  7. Beautiful outfit! Shoes & bag are especially cute :-)