Wednesday, August 11, 2010

let's give 'em something to talk about

"...the most exaggerated speeches usually hid the weakest feelings--as though the fullness of the soul did not sometimes overflow into the emptiest phrases, since no one can ever express the exact measure of his needs, his conceptions or his sorrows, and human speech is like a cracked pot on which we beat out rhythms for bears to dance to when we are striving to make music that will wring tears from the stars."

(Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary, p165)

I'll keep this short and sweet, to keep the crackpot speech to a minimum. I've discovered a brilliant new idea and you should all jump on board and go for a sail with me in the trendsetting sea... belts as bracelets!

I've been covetously eyeing those wraparound leather bracelets for a while now, but never got around to buying one. I also wanted to find a way to showcase the craftsmanship of this Navajo-print beaded belt, since the beading runs along my back when I wear it the usual way.

Speaking of craftsmanship, I bought this necklace in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland at a multicultural craft fair. And I stole this tee shirt from K's closet, which was pretty crafty of me if I do say so myself.

(hat: UO; belt: Bargain Boutique; necklace: craft fair; jeans: PacSun; shoes: Steve Madden; tee shirt: stolen from K)

I've been wearing my gladiator sandals into the ground in anticipation of their slow fade from the fashion front. These were the first "expensive" shoes I ever bought, right when I started to get interested in my personal style. Here's to you, Steve Madden.


  1. what a little hint of genius...i love the idea of that belt bracelet and think i may just try it myself today! thanks for sharing xo

  2. I love the idea of wearing a belt as a bracelet! So cute! Also, you look lovely :)

  3. Love your hat and turquoise necklace and the belt as bracelet is very creative!
    Anyway, you're the winner of my Modcloth giveaway. Congrats! Please e-mail me asap with your address + size and we'll get the prize out to you at once! thenewclotheshose(at)