Friday, August 6, 2010

a certain sort of stripes

Man, you guys. My posing skills are rusty (see blooper reel, below):

This has been one of those weeks. Not bad or anything, just a little... off.

(tunic dress: Plato's Closet; cardigan/belt: Bargain Boutique; necklace: UO; boots: ALDO)

Tomorrow my brother flies back to West Virginia for his trial and may potentially go back into the slammer (here's hoping he doesn't have to...) for a time. He got out on bond and was able to come to the Cape with us, so we got to hear the full story of his action (how they hiked for miles under the cover of darkness, how he held firm to his chain while the head of Massey security threatened him and sawed dangerously close to his hands), and his consequence (the unsatisfactory conditions in jail and surprising support for his cause within the prison walls). He's a trooper, that's for sure. I really think he's capable of doing some incredible things in his lifetime if he puts his mind to it!

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  1. woah! your brother is a total bad ass! best of luck to him, but he's really fighting for a great cause!