Wednesday, August 18, 2010

craggle rock

While I appreciate the army/cargo trend, it's not really my style, so I have no intention of purchasing a new cargo coat or anything of the sort. That said, I did happen to have this DKNY vest laying around and since I bought these great boots I figured now was as good a time to give it a second life. Of course, I had to add a little bit of bohemia to make it mine (the scarf).

(belt bracelet!)

I've been meaning to do a little photo shoot under this bridge since K and I came here a few weekends ago for some fishing. The lighting turned out to be a little bit weird, but I think it works with the mood, even if I had to toss a bunch of backlit photos of the bridge because they were so washed out by the setting sun.

(dress/belt: Old Navy; vest: DKNY via TJMaxx; scarf/belt bracelet: Bargain Boutique; boots: Seychelles)

I found this half of a rusty (toy?) pistol on the rocks, and my tripod ended up doubling as a prop because it's so awesome. I usually use K's tripod for my outfit photos but he was gallavanting through the countryside taking pictures of churches so I had to be resourceful. I bought this tripod (and the vintage 8 mm camera atop it) for $25 at an antique store last year, and it's been used for merely decorative purposes--until yesterday!


  1. I didn't know the cargo coat was a new trend. I saw a lot last year and figured it just carried over. Either way I love my new cargo coat. I think my favorite thing about it was that I got it for $17 and it has large pockets so I don't have to carry a purse around!

  2. i'm not really into the cargo army trend either...who knows, maybe they will come out with some really nice stuff!

    anyway, you look great aaaas per usual!

  3. Omg I know where that bridge is! I took the wrong exit off of 89 on the way up and ended driving up Rt 2 the rest of the way, and right over that bridge! It is so fun to drive over.

    I totally know Vermont.