Tuesday, August 17, 2010

poisonous pesto from the urban jungle

I'll admit, I am not in love with this outfit. It just doesn't feel very "me," you know? However, I bought this funky crop top at the start of the summer ($2!) and felt like I just had to wear it at least once before banishing it to the back of my closet (or handing it off to Goodwill). I think the real problem is the shorts. I was hoping for a dark wash, high-rise pair to pop up in one of my usual thrifting spots and had no luck, so I tried to make these work... meh.

The shirt has a dark tropical print, which immediately struck me as urban jungle-esque, hence the back alley location.

(crop top/shorts: Bargain Boutique; shoes: GoJane.com)

I had a lovely evening last night--ate a big spinach/avocado/tomato/balsamic salad with pesto on toast, painted my fingernails, read my very first VOGUE as a subscriber (instead of filching previous issues from my mother when she was finished with them), and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. It was pretty indulgent. This morning, however, it became quite evident that I have finally been poisoned by the post-sell-by-date pesto that has been lurking in the back of the fridge all summer. I feel like my stomach is trying to escape from my body. Not to sound melodramatic or anything, but if I never blog again I'm probably dead. Death by Pesto. What a way to go...

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