Thursday, July 22, 2010

frankly, my dear...

Last weekend, I tied a scarf around my body and K and I went out to the Waterbury Reservoir. He intended to fish (I intended to lounge in the sun and read), but it was a pretty busy place (so many motor boats!) so we didn't stay long. Just long enough for K to snap a few photos of me on the dam!

I adore this scarf. It is so versatile, and the print is like something straight out of Bohemia. It's pretty enormous as far as my neck is concerned, but that doesn't keep me from wearing it over and over and over and over again!

(dress: thrifted scarf; belt: Old Navy; shoes: Kohl's; necklaces: antique shop/flea market; bracelets: flea market)

Speaking of Bohemia, I certainly felt like a provincial Slavic seamstress last night as I sewed my way through four out of five minor pending projects (minor because they didn't require the machine), while K played the accordian in the other room. I love to be crafty--once I get started I just can't stop! I was so wired (from sewing--I know, weird) that I couldn't fall asleep last night! Anyway, I felt really productive. It reminded me of those late nights in my youth when I would stay up until 2 am organizing photographs into albums or drawing hundreds of characters or designing album covers for my high school "band." I love when I recapture that raw creative energy that I usually have to bury in a blackhole while moving files around at the office all day.

PS: Happy 19th Birthday to Brother #2 (the one who is not currently incarcerated)!

Countdown to Cape Cod - 2 days!!

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