Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a fisherman's life for me!

(Vogue China, Oct 2009)

Last night, K and I went on an impromptu fishing trip to Lake Iroquois. Since his epic failure this weekend, K has been itching to even the score with the elusive VT fishes.

While K waded into the water,

I lounged on a nearby rock and dove into my new book.

After a few minor mishaps...

...he got one!

I looked on with pride...

...as he reeled in an enormous bass!!

He ended up throwing it back because he didn't want to eat it. I scolded him for fishing merely for sport but he said that bass had a higher-than-desirable mercury content and if he caught a trout he would eat it. So I let it slide.

He didn't catch a trout. He caught another miniature bass and threw it back, then got a leech on his leg that I had to rip off. Besides the fact that the fish were no longer biting (the big bass must have spread the word that we were in the neighborhood) and the ick factor of the leg-leech, the sky was beginning to darken--so we left. But we'll be back! It was a lovely little Monday-night adventure. :)


  1. I'm always impressed by people who can do things like fish. Looks like a nice relaxing place to visit. Is the book any good? I've read a couple of Margaret Atwood books before.