Wednesday, July 14, 2010

chevron ballerina

I got this skirt about six years ago, on the super-sale rack at Urban Outfitters. It may have been the very first thing that I ever bought at UO, back when it wasn't the hipster hotspot it is today. When I bought it, the skirt was too big and too long, and I think I wore it maybe once before burying it in my dresser with an imaginary "project" sign on it. It's still too big (hence the belt), but the shorter length has definitely brought this funky little skirt back to life in my book.

(skirt: UO; top: Marshall's; shoes: Kohl's; belt: Old Navy)

Pink really isn't a color that I wear very often. It's a little bit too Pepto-Bismol Barbie for me, I guess. When I do happen to wear pink I usually feel too... sweet, or something. Like an eleven-year-old girl clinging furiously to her femininity in a boys-have-cooties kind of way. Like Shelly Tambo (if you don't get this reference, you need to watch Northern Exposure--stat!) and her sickeningly pink interior redecoration of Holling's apartment.

Of course, that's overkill. A little bit of pink can go a long way. This skirt also makes me feel a bit like a ballerina, with the slight tutu-inspired poof and the unapologetically girlish hue.

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  1. I love this skirt on you because it is somewhat unexpected for you