Tuesday, July 20, 2010

activism and thriftivism

#1: Firstly, check out my new purse!!! K and I went on a thrifting spree this weekend (I love that he hits the thrift stores with me, although he's usually finished in about five minutes and I can peruse for hours!!) and I found this classic, vintage Dooney and Bourke purse in a special display case at Goodwill. I've been looking high and low for one of these on etsy.com, and I've bookmarked a couple dozen as favorites but never got around to actually purchasing one. I had specifically been looking for navy and tan, but the burgundy suits me just fine! At $25, it was a little steep for a cheapskate thrifting adventure, but I couldn't pass it up!

#2: I got this skirt at Bargain Boutique on my lunch break last week.

#3: Let us please observe a moment of silence for mon petit frere, who is indefinitely unable to participate in any sort of wardrobe remix, as he is currently clad in an orange jumpsuit at a West Virginian state penitentiary (!!!).

I can't help but mention it--sorry, Colin! It's really not a terribly tragic story--we were all expecting him to land in the slammer sooner or later. He's been down south with the Mountain Justice/Climate Ground Zero crew, protesting mountain top removal. Last Wednesday he was arrested for chaining himself to a high wall miner on Coal River Mountain (video) and charged with trespassing, misdemeanor conspiracy, and obstructing police activity. His bail is currently set at $2500 and he is waiting for an available public defender. You can read his statement of action here, if you're interested... I'm kind of proud of him for standing up so firmly for what he believes in! He's an extremely smart guy, and I think his eloquence and understanding are a real credit to the movement.

(skirt/cardigan: Bargain Boutique; shirt: Old Navy; socks: Kohl's; shoes: Seychelles; purse: Dooney and Bourke c/o Goodwill; necklace: UO; glasses: F21)

In other news... countdown to Cape Cod: 4 days!!


  1. love the socks and shoes. i wish it were cool enough here for that. p.s. your brother is awesome!

  2. Great bag! It will totally be worth the $25.

  3. Nice shoes! And I'm proud of your brother too! Hope orange is a good colour on him!