Monday, July 12, 2010

celebrate good times come on

I had an easy-peasy weekend. K's birthday was on Saturday (we're finally the same age again--he's younger than I am, which is weird for me), and we were planning to take a cruise on Lake Champlain but it was pretty hazy and K opted to save it for a nicer afternoon. I changed from my thematic nautical stripes to this yellow number (one of K's favorites) and we headed into town to see Despicable Me and pick up a bankers lamp for the office before heading home to eat nachos and drink dacquiris while hiding from the heat. We're pretty low-key about birthdays around here, but it was nice just to spend some time together.

(dress: F21; shoes: Kohl's; scarf: Bargain Boutique; necklace: Martha Lewis Antiques; bangles: flea market)

On Sunday, K went fishing in Vergennes with his new friend J, and I went into town to meet up with my dear friend S, her new husband J, his friend M, and a couple of adorable dogs. We met up by the waterfront, had some lunch at the Red Onion Cafe on Church St., and then I headed home for some reading, relaxation, and a little photo shoot that I will share sometime later this week. S was visiting from Boston just for the weekend, since J has a law internship in Burlington for the summer--I miss that girl! (Meanwhile, poor K and J spent an entire day not catching any fish--he came home, defeated, around 10 pm.)

PS: On our way home from the movies on Saturday evening, we spotted this crash-landed hot air balloon:

Oh, how I would love to take a ride in one of these someday!


  1. that dress always looks stunning on you, amazing color

    glad you had yet another fun eventful weekend!

  2. Sweet outfit, yellow doesn't suit many people but it looks great on you. Sounds like a good relaxing weekend.

  3. This yellow dress is just darling! You look lovely! Adore how you have accessorized!