Friday, July 16, 2010

she sees seychelles

After months and months (maybe even a year) of quietly coveting Rebecca's cognac-colored Seychelles oxfords, and after days and days of scouring the deepest, darkest pockets of the neverending interweb, I finally found, purchased (at $70, they were still the second-priciest pair of shoes I've ever owned, but at half-price--I couldn't resisit), and received the most absolutely perfect pair of lace-up lovelies mine eyes have ever seen:

I actually received these shoes from last week (looks like they're sold out now), but I waited and waited to break them out with an outfit to end all outfits--an outfit that would blow your minds the way that the perfection of these shoes blew mine. And then, I pulled my grumbling head out of my unsatisfactory closet collection and threw on some clothes and slipped these beauties onto my feet. I just had to get the first wear out of the way, you know? I don't know why I always feel like the debut of a new favorite accessory has to occur simultaneously with some sort of wardrobe epiphany that elevates my personal style to new heights.

I am also dying to purchase yet another pair of Seychelles from Eilatan (most favorite new website ever), but buying two pairs of expensive shoes in such rapid succession is just bad news. We'll see how long my good behavior lasts this time... I just hope they don't sell out before I can snatch them!

(dress: H&M; denim jacket: Goodwill (AE); necklace: antique; glasses: F21; shoes: Seychelles (

All I can say is: I'm so glad it's Friday at last! I'm hoping to do some thifting this weekend, maybe a little sewing, maybe a little writing, definitely a little bit more loving of these shoes.


  1. great oxfords! you definitely won't regret this purchase, they're classic and well made!

    how is the novel going?

  2. Very nice oxfords. I feel like that about new clothes/accessories, like a need some totally amazing outfit or occasion to wear them for.

  3. they are very nice infact lhey are quite close from some chloe I hqve been dreaming about for a while. the heels and the curb is perfect!!!

  4. 生命的意義,是在於活的充實;而不是在於活得長久。............................................................

  5. I like the shoes. They're like oxfords with more of a heel. You pair them nicely with that outfit too.

  6. I always feel the same way: the first outfit should be perfect! It seldom is though... at least in my case. Anyway, they are, to repeat myself, lovely shoes.

    I'm glad I found your blog again. I was looking at it about a month ago, and forgot what it was called!