Wednesday, July 21, 2010

life before man and other stories

So the heat wave has officially passed over. Now it's kind of cloudy and on the verge of rain, which inconveniently coincides with a sudden loss of all hot water in the apartment. Cold shower = unhappy morning.

(gold tank/shorts: Bargain Boutique; necklace/bracelet: flea market; shoes: Kohl's)

I think I might start a new trend... wrinkly clothes! Wouldn't life be so much easier that way?

I've been reading like a fiend lately--Margaret Atwood recaptured my attention with The Robber Bride (highly recommended--and holy smokes, apparently there is also a movie??) and I started Life Before Man almost immediately after my eyes passed over the final sentence of Robber Bride. It's funny--reading two books by the same author in such rapid succession, I start to see parallels and similarities between them that certainly say something about the consistency of her style. The transition was so seamless it's almost as if LBM is only an extension of TRB--an epilogue, or something. I love when I find a female writer who I can relate to. I am often discouraged by the lack of truly thoughtful, intellectually astute contemporary female novelists. I like Margaret Atwood and Joan Didion and Erica Jong (and my very favorite, Simone de Beauvoir), but they are writers of generations past. We need new voices!

Cape Cod Countdown: 3 days!

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