Thursday, July 1, 2010

rabbit, rabbit

Okay, I'll admit it. As far as dressing goes, I'm kind of over summer.

For some reason I'm just not inspired by swingy sundresses or strappy sandals right now. I love the layering and texture of fall fashion--it has complexity, depth. Summer style seems comparatively shallow because, let's face it, nobody wants to wear more than one layer when the temperatures spike.

It doesn't help that I've been watching Northern Exposure (set in Alaska) and working in my icebox of an office all the livelong day, but still. I just can't get excited about summer style. It's too one-dimensional, too flat, too practical. Challenge: I must look deep inside my sundress-crowded closet and find a way to accessorize some new life into my warm-weather wear.

For today, however, I'm channeling my inner Native American with these moccasins and sweet little beaded belt ($2!).

(tunic: TJMaxx?; grey skinnies: PacSun; moccasins: Minnetonka; beaded belt&scarf: Bargain Boutique; sunnies: UO)

Sorry summer, I do like you. Please stick around. I'm just irritated with you because you inspire me to eat far too many vanilla-chocolate twist creemees with rainbow sprinkles and then make me too lethargic to run it off. We'll work it out, somehow.


  1. I find dressing in the summer boring, one freakin layer all of the time, its really stifling for my style. I get bored rather easily and my closet seems to shrink

  2. I agree with you, its really hard to come up with new ways to wear the same clothes during the summer.

  3. I totally agree! Fall hurry up!

  4. You're a peach! I love these colors together. You look really great! Happy 1st of July! :)