Friday, July 2, 2010

the many faces of me

In the interest of illuminating the characteristics of my illusive, inconcrete "personal style," I thought I might dive into the archives and pull out a few outfits of postings past in an attempt to identify some sort of significant stylistic thread. (Also I drank too much wine last night--sometimes when I'm writing I get a little carried away--and was not, by any stretch of the imagination, up for the challenge of pulling myself up by my bootstraps and exposing myself to the unforgiving lens of my clickity-camera. So no new outfit for today.)


I've always felt incredibly comfortable creating bold combinations of clashing patterns, spicing up any old outfit with statement scarves, rejoicing in the musicality of clanging bangles and invoking my inner barefoot bohemian however I can (while still wearing shoes, of course).


Though I never go preppy full-stop, I do like to take the basic elements of nerd chic and shake them up a little bit. During the fall and winter months I am a student of contrast, pairing the simplicity of a high-waisted skirt in wools and tweeds (and woolen tweeds) with bright colors and unconventional hosiery.


The adoption of a classic look is kind of a new phenomenon for me. I'm enjoying the literary feel of new basics this season (the spotted dropwaist dress and straw boater feel very Mark Twain to me for some reason, and the high-waisted shorts, when paired with a simple straw hat, feel very American-ex-pat-at-a-cafe-somewhere).


Every once and a while I feel the desire to go gothic. Black lace, rouge lips or dark eyes, an unexpected flush of red for a little bit of drama, a Victorian pendant or poison ring, or perhaps just a sadistically towering black boot with clamps, clasps and buckles that resembles some sort of primitive torture device... I guess I need to explore my dark side on occasion.


Whether my outfit invokes the spirit of a street urchin or an elderly Italian gentleman, I have been experimenting with the menswear trend in my own way. From this selection it appears that adding a hat = instant masculinity in my mind, but once and a while my outfits are decidedly boyish.


Before I had any real, active interested in style, girly was my go-to. I wore babydoll dresses and sixties-style shifts with heels. Period. It was easy-peasy and worked for any occasion, which allowed more freedom of movement through the world and didn't send me into a panic when I was faced with a spontaneous night on the town or unexpected party invitation. After a while, however, I got a little bit bored with the same old dresses day in and day out. So here we are, today!

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. I'd be interested to know--what style do you think best suits me? How would you define your personal style? Can we, as multi-dimensional human beings, ever completely turn ourselves over to a single sect of style or is our only option to become an alchemist of our fashion identity, adopting and adapting trends over time to evolve into cohesively girly-bohemian-prepster with gothic tendencies?


  1. Oh my gosh where did you get that dress in the winter photo with the furry hat? Seriously in love with that! I really think all these styles suit you too, it's hard to choose!

  2. I love this idea of looking back in your blog archives to try to find trends in your own wardrobe/outfit choices! All of these are so lovely! Ironically, I think my two favorite styles are boyish and girly :)

  3. Awesome post, I love your versatility, however each look is still your own. I don't think you need to narrow it down to one style, but I love your preppy with a twist look (similar to my own style) and the classic/nostalgia look. I think its hard to define your own style so this was a great post. I know I definitely can't pin point my look sometimes its preppy (variations on chinos, button ups, etc.) sometimes college grunge (cardigans, denim, motorcycle boots, leather, berets), and sometimes farmish (denim dresses, shirtdresses etc) I can't pick just one!