Thursday, July 1, 2010

summertime inspiration - tropical belle epoche

Okay, so I admit I posted briefly about this 2000 Steven Meisel shoot at the very birth of my blog... but because my mother was my only reader, the rest of you probably missed it (and we can't have that)! Beauty is meant to be shared... if I could spend my summer adorned in nothing but bright bikinis, silky kimonos and bedazzling baubles, oh! What a world it would be :) Also, I would die to live in such a luxuriously opulent environment--these photographs are the absolute acme of my aesthetic ideal. I suppose that living full-time in a tropical clime is a little bit different than suffering through a few months of stifling heat in boring old Vermont, but I could relocate. I couldn't bear to omit a single incandescent image from this homage, but I dare you to select one that isn't extraordinarily vibrant and alive.

I was originally directed to these photographs last year via the infinitely inspirational Glamourai, who completely epitomizes the effortless extravagance of a modern Belle Epoque lifestyle (envy!!!!) and, in the photos (below) from her trip to Mexico, looks as if she could have stepped right off of Steven Meisel's set.

(photos via The Glamourai)


  1. These photos are wonderful!!!! Hope you have a great 4th of July!


    P.S. Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes, you are too sweet! :)

  2. I love the colors here, it looks so luxurious!

    Thanks for your comment! Why does Twilight or True Blood, basically anything with vampires appeal to me? Honestly, I have no obvious answer for you and I don't think those directly involved in the phenomenon know either. Partially its because vampires are in the zietgiest right now so we cannot avoid them. But I've always liked the supernatural (hence my love of Harry Potter and before that Greek Gods), vampires are just the particular supernatural creature in vogue right now, so I'm rolling with it. Also in the case of Twilight, its the part of me that still enjoys those brooding Bronte esque romances, that really grandiose love that's dangerous and deadly to be in, its pure fantasy for men I know don't exist. When I first read the books I loathed them, they were trite, plotless, and the men were very unhealthy if you really looked past their supposed perfection (for the record, I find Edward rather dull, he's controlling and completely static as a character. Jacob is more appealing because he has emotions and real conflict, he feels more like a real boy and Taylor's abs are a draw ;) But I got sucked into that stupid series nevertheless and kind of ashamed of it, the guiltiest of pleasures. The movies though are further escapism because of the gorgeous NW scenery and great soundtracks. My love for "True Blood" is different. It has a plot, it sucks you in, it has the supernatural element, it has a strong heroine (unlike drippy Bella), many hot men, and this foreign element to me because its set in the deep South where I've never been. And that show is all about sex, illicit pleasures, dating the bad boy, that form of fantasy. Once again my need for extreme romance is satisfied. But at the end of the day I recognize both TB& Twilight are escapism, I'm not so sure if that's true for the teens today. They know vampires don't exist, but I hope they don't think such an intense love is real.

    Harry Potter connected with my generation because I think we all really wanted a letter from Hogwarts haha. It was escapism to the purest form, no hidden world of supernatural in your own backyard (well there are wizards everywhere), but they had their own school and own world essentially. It's funny, dramatic, sometimes romantic, gripping. And when I was younger I was pegged as a slow reader so being able to read these massive novels so quickly was inspiring for me. Not everyone of my age group loves it, but we all read them.

    And yes, I have read Pullman. Those books may be the best out of all of these phenomenons. They are much better written, much deeper in content (the themes of religion are really fascinating and well argued), but still a simple story of what real love is, family bonds, and the truth. Amber Spyglass is one of my favorite books ever

    sorry that was really long, but I was trying to explain slightly where all of this whirlwind of vampires comes from haha