Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sneeze-osaurus in the rainforest

So, it's official: I am allergic to life. I ran out of 24-hr allergy tablets a couple of days ago and thought maybe (just maybe!) I could get by without them. No such luck. If my eyes look a little puffy today, that's why--I sneezed about fifteen times in a row this morning before pulling in to the nearest drug store to stock up on supplies.

(shorts/belt: Bargain Boutique; scarf: Goodwill; boots: Aldo; tank top: Old Navy)

In other news, it's still 100 degrees & humid as a tropical rainforest, but my sunburn is finally starting to fade to a less jaw-dropping shade of lobster and I'm ready to head back to the beach! I got some extra-long tofu dogs that I am just dying to grill & eat (after I go swimming, of course. Let's be responsible, kiddies).


  1. I just found your blog and wanted to say Hi. I love this outfit, the shorts and the scarf. I understand about the allergies too! Also is your blog title a reference to the Richard Linklater film?

  2. such cute boots!!! you're so cute. LOVE "WAKING LIFE" if you're referring to that philosophy film... one of my fave films for SURE!

  3. Nice outfit. I love that you had the scarf. the color is perfect on that outfit. I hope you allergies will get better!