Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was never one of those little girls that cared much about horses. I did not dream of forking hay around in a smelly barn surrounded by flies, snorting noses, stamping hooves, and twitching tails--I dreamed of walking the red carpet to a Hollywood premiere. While my friends collected morgan horse figurines, I cut paper dolls out of magazines and drooled over the American Girl catalog. Besides, in the movies girls were always falling off of their horses and dying or going blind or suffering some other traumatic injury, which just didn't seem worth the risk. Of course, now that I'm *nearly* grown, I have a newfound appreciation for the majestic splendor of a wild stallion and the brute strength and power of a draft house. Most of all, I appreciate the awesomeness of the horse on my scarf.

Too bad he is hidden when wrapped around my neck.

(scarf: Plato's Closet; striped tunic: Zara; chambray shirt: Walmart; boots: ALDO: hat/belt: thrifted)

Horses are also popular props for fashion editorials:


I am, admittedly, a clothes horse. Anyway! Here's a toast to Tuesday and the rapidly approaching end of my office-bound afternoon!


  1. what a great scarf!

    I was never a horse girl either actually, too afraid of their trotting haha

  2. You made me laugh out loud - again - with that horse post. What would Uncle Billy say?! You look great, and I am jealous of your office air conditioning, because I would die of heat prostration in those clothes at work. How to look professional while half dressed, now that would be a fashion feat.

  3. horses are pretty cool. I just went to the zoo and it reignited my love for zebras.

    Your outfit is super cute! I like the stripes combined with the western feel.