Friday, July 23, 2010

scallop or roll?

So, remember how I mentioned that I finished four out of five pending sewing projects in one fell swoop the other night? Well, these shorts are number five. I purchased them with the intention of scalloping the hem (unrolled they fall almost around my kneecaps!), but I wanted to take them for a roll before attempting a potentially complex alteration.

And now I kind of like them this way. Any thoughts? To scallop or not to scallop??

(shorts: Bargain Boutique; shirt: TJMaxx; necklace: F21; belt: horse scarf; shoes:

Happy Friday!


  1. those shorts are super cute and personally i like them the way they are...though i have no skills in scalloping so that's why i would personally leave them rolled up. it really depends on what look you are going for...rolled up is super casual where as the scalloped, you'd be able to dress them up more!

  2. This is such a lovely outfit! While I think the shorts look awesome cuffed, I have been on the hunt all summer for scalloped shorts and dresses, so I would probably on the scalloped side :)

  3. Really adore this outfit. And those shorts are perfect. I don't know, I am curious to see how they would be scalloped, at the same time they look great as is. So hmm...