Thursday, October 24, 2013

road trip recap: wine country (napa and sonoma, ca)

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Before stopping in San Francisco, we actually drove right through to spend a night in Napa.  It's no secret that I love wine (as does K), and I have very fond memories of my bike tour through Tuscany, so I was dead set on doing the same in the most well-known wine country in the USofA. Our first stop was the Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma, Califonia's oldest winery, where we did a tasting and I bought a bottle of our favorite for K's parents.  We headed into downtown Sonoma to walk around for a bit and have a picnic lunch, and then we rented some bikes and went for a ride!  We didn't actually stop at any wineries while we were riding, just enjoyed the view of vineyard after vineyard and tried to make it back to the bike shop in one piece (I was definitely feeling out of shape on those hilly, narrow roads...).  Then it was off to the city!

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