Friday, October 4, 2013

road trip recap: san antonio, tx (part ii: downtown)

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After we visited all of the lesser Missions, we checked in to our hotel and washed up for an evening on the town.  We stopped in at the Alamo first, which was pretty cool to see (I watched the Davy Crockett movie many times growing up and still remember the song: "Davyyyy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier..."), although it was (like many tourist destinations) totally overrun and some of the effect was lost as we tried to navigate through the crowds.

We headed down to the River Walk to explore and have dinner at Casa Rio because it was a San Antonio institution and we wanted to sit right along the river (my taco salad was really sad, but the margarita was good). In general, our overall impression of "famous" restaurants in various cities across the country was that they were... bad.  We arrived at the conclusion that these places don't have to try very hard to make good food because their name/location will always draw customers (who will then be disappointed by the food, when it's too late).  Still, I'm not sure we would have chosen differently, even if we knew what to expect.  The location was perfection.  We walked off our dinner with a stroll along the river and kept seeing tour boats go by, which looked really fun!  So we bought some tickets and climbed aboard :)  It was a really great way to end our evening and get a bit of a historical/architectural tour of the city.

The next morning, we were off to Big Bend!

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