Tuesday, October 22, 2013

road trip recap: big sur and monterey

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I was really excited about the drive through Big Sur, but unfortunately it was so foggy that we could hardly see anything half the time!  That said, when the fog did clear here and here the spectacular views did not disappoint.  That blue water is undeniably gorgeous.  We stopped for an incredibly expensive breakfast at a little cafĂ© along the way because it was the only food around and we were starving (and the view was worth it), and kept on driving all the way up to Monterey, where we were spending the night for July 4.  Not a whole lot going on for Independence Day on the west coast!  I must say we were kind of surprised.  It was our first year in several being away from (what I now consider) our hometown fireworks in Richmond, and we did miss them a little bit. 
The next morning we went to the aquarium (it is impossible to park in that town!) and bought our tickets sneakily on K's phone so we could bypass the line (thanks for the tip from a fellow smartphone user!).  I loved the jellies, per usual, but I think the coolest thing was definitely the octopus!  She was awake and lively and showing off for the crowds, and was achingly beautiful.  Unfortunately, the crowds were just achingly awful, and it was kind of hard to enjoy the aquarium because it was so overcrowded.  I don't know why we keep trying to visit aquariums, because we always have that experience with them.  I've decided that if I want to see sea creatures from now on we'll just go to the zoo... at least those are more spread out so you can preserve a little bit of personal space.  We had dinner and drinks at the Cannery Row Brewing Company, which was delicious.

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