Thursday, October 10, 2013

road trip recap: white sands and percha dam, nm

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After we left Roswell, we stopped at White Sands National Monument for a a short walk along the boardwalk there.  To go deeper into the park would have required a more formidable vehicle, but it would have been fun to ride through the dunes!  It was quite strange to be in the middle of the desert in New Mexico surrounded by sand that looked like it belonged on a Caribbean beach somewhere (but, as we now know, much of these regions were at one time on the ocean floor).

We ended up camping at Percha Dam State Park that night, which was almost the complete opposite of the sandy desert we'd been driving through all day.  Water!  Farms!  Grass!  Lots and lots and lots of gnats (they weren't too bad until we got back to our campsite after wandering around taking pictures... once we were standing still they were unbearable, and we ended up retiring to the tent early).  The fire ants, on the other hand, were unbearable the whole time.  Ouch!

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