Saturday, October 19, 2013

road trip recap: las vegas

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Well, what happened in Las Vegas stays there, unless you have a blog. We pulled into town as the temperatures were just shy of 120 degrees, and mostly hid out in our hotel room until it was time to go out for the night (and the temperature had dropped at least to the low 100s).  We were staying at Excalibur on the Strip, because the last time I went to Vegas my friend C and I stayed at Circus, Circus and it was just a BIT farther than I felt like walking this time around.  I was super excited about those many pools.  We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant (Gonzalez y Gonzalez--it was so-so) in the New York,  New York casino (which I actually kind of loved, even though it was completely ludicrous that we were dining "al fresco" inside), and I ordered the "sky-high" margarita.  After dinner was over we didn't really have any idea what we should do, so we bought some Andre and headed back to the hotel (note to self: book a show in Las Vegas next time!).  

The next morning I was... how shall I put this... incapacitated.  I barely made it out of bed all day except to wander downstairs for some saltines and a soft pretzel around lunchtime, and I definitely didn't feel up to lounging around at the pool in the 110-degree heat (though I did gaze longingly at it from the windowsill).  As dinnertime came around I was feeling a little better, so K and I headed out on the town once again, stopping at the Bellagio for a cocktail (for K... I wasn't there yet) and to sneakily watch people play Russian Roulette, which we had decided to try. Well, we chickened out.  We played a few rounds of electronic roulette, dropped some dollars in the slot machines, and then just went out to dinner. What can I say, we're not gamblers.  When we left the Bellagio we of course had to stop and see the fountains, so we waited around there for a while to watch them before heading to dinner. Dinner that night was F-A-N-C-Y (and expensive).  We ate at Fiamma at the MGM Grand, had some cocktails, and watched people streaming out of whatever show was happening in the hotel (people watching in Vegas is awesome).  It was definitely pricey but totally worth it to have a really nice, romantic (and delicious!) dinner with my favorite fellow.

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