Wednesday, October 9, 2013

road trip recap: carlsbad caverns and roswell

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We drove all the way from Big Bend to Roswell in one day, stopping at Carlsbad Caverns along the way. We were in awe of the spectacular weirdness of the caverns, which we had to descend 750 ft underground in an elevator to reach and were completely amazing. I didn't take too many pictures because whoa, low light, but it was one of the more magnificent sights we saw, perhaps moreso because it was all miraculously under the earth.  We spent a couple of hours exploring and then continued on our way, arriving in Roswell in time for a late dinner.  We hadn't planned on stopping in the Alien Kitsch capital of the world, but we were looking for a place to crash (ha! get it? kind of/) for the night and it fit the bill (plus, obviously we wanted to see it, since we were there).

I'll admit, I was a bit surprised at how low-budget the whole town seemed. If I ran Roswell, you can bet there would have been an Alien-themed amusement park, or X-Files-themed motels, or restaurants in UFO space needles (I certainly had plenty of ideas while we were there), but nada.  None of the restaurants even acknowledged the Alien thing!  I wanted a moon rock veggie burger or SOMETHING.  The next morning we visited the UFO museum, which was also adorably low-budget, but certainly had some fascinating articles (though that was pretty much all they had--clippings and recordings and photos of questionable UFOs).  We had breakfast at Denny's (no dive-y diners in sight! movies lie...) and were off!

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