Saturday, October 26, 2013

road trip recap: crater lake, or

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After we left Medford we drove up to Crater Lake for a couple of nights, and I was excited to see the great blue lake and get back to our camping roots :)  We spent the first night reading, journaling, partaking of the cheap all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar at the lodge, and enjoying s'mores around the fire, getting up early the next morning to do the rim drive.  We started with a stop at the Pinnacles and took a short walk out to see the strange rock formations, and then drove, drove, drove all the way around the lake, stopping at most of the lookouts to snap pictures of it from every imaginable angle. It really was pretty spectacular, but I wished we could have gone swimming (I always wish that)! That night we cooked up some spaghetti and drank mini bottles of red wine around the campfire (I miss campfires!).


  1. I could not get over the blue color of Crater Lake! Such a sight to see.

  2. I just read this part of Wild, and the color is just as unimaginable as she describes (though I can't imagine how much more amazing it is in person than in a picture).

    Absolutely beautiful!!