Wednesday, October 30, 2013

road trip recap: washington west coast

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When we left Portland we started driving up the coast of Washington, stopping in Astoria (the oldest U.S. town west of the Rockies) for lunch and wandering.  We ended up spending the night in Ocean Shores, which was a weird little town that somehow manages to attract tourists (not sure how).  The next day we basically circled the entirety of the Olympic Peninsula, driving up 101 and stopping at Ruby Beach to admire the driftwood and dramatic rock formations (it was SO COLD, though).  We had originally planned to camp at Lake Ozette and drive up to Cape Flattery (the northwesternmost point) the next day, but we were exhausted and wanted to make a little more progress (we'd decided to show up at K's parents' house a bit earlier than planned), so we drove to Dungeness, where I had planned for us to camp the next night... (to be continued.)

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  1. The Washington coast is kind of my dream land. It looks absolutely stunning.