Sunday, October 27, 2013

road trip recap: oregon coast

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The Oregon Coast will always be a special place for us, since that is where K wooed me all those years ago ;)  How could you not fall in love with that misty romantic ocean as a backdrop??  As we drove northward along the Umpqua scenic corridor and then up the coast we actually ended up stopping at places we forgot we had visited before (but were certainly awfully familiar--like Heceta Head!).  We stayed one night in Newport, but our destination was Cannon Beach, because that was where we went on our first date (I thought), with my best friend in tow (I brought her on all our first "dates," until I decided they could be actual dates).  I wanted to recreate the photo we took there, but nothing looked familiar and in the end I wasn't sure WHERE the heck we took the photo.  Either way, it was nice to re-explore our old haunts, and we had a nice night in a semi-beachfront hotel with dinner right on the beach at Mo's.  I really do love the Oregon Coast.

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    ooo my gosh i just love love love these photos! I must get to this place! it looks so magical.

    talk soon wild child
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