Tuesday, April 24, 2012

in which i try to be classy


Boy, am I pasty. The sun brings it out :)








(skirt: thrifted; love me do dress: modcloth; trench: h&m; shoes: seychelles)

I had a good, productive weekend, with lots of shopping and Starbucks and sewing and sushi (the four s's!).  I've almost finished my ice cream dress--all I need to do is add a lace collar!  I definitely think my sewing skills are improving.  I'm learning as I go, which is the only way I can really handle learning (kinetic, all the way).  I get antsy just watching 2 minute YouTube video tutorials, and while making mistakes is definitely frustrating, I definitely need to be able to jump in and get my hands on a project that excites me, rather than teaching myself in a practical, standard step-by-step way (practicing stitches and the like).  What does that say about me?  I don't know.  I think I'm kind of like that in all aspects of my life.

In other news, in my quest to grow up and become classier, I have made myself a little list of guidelines for

How To Be Classy

1. wear lipstick casually (like today!)
2. stop biting fingernails
3. further to the above, repaint fingernails when polish starts to chip
4. two drink limit
5. exercise regularly
6. get a haircut more than once a year (whoops...)
7. invest in basics (LBDs, quality trench coats, breton stripes, etc.)
8. experiment with up-dos
9. listen to French music
10. keep the apartment clean

Those are good enough :)  Baby steps.  Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go reapply my casual lipstick, which has become rather trampy-looking after my morning cup of coffee...


  1. Dude, if you start posting about French music while wearing LBDs I will kill you! But I do like the bit about lipstick and haircuts... words to live by. : )

  2. hahaha. if that's what it takes to be classy...
    i'm not quite as classy as i would like to think haha.

    can't wait to see the ice cream dress!

  3. Aaah, such a cute dress, and it looks great with the skirt! Nice "classy" list too, haha...the two drink limit cracked me up.

  4. I'm going to get a haircut this weekend after 9 months so I know what you mean there. You need to try Infallible lipstick by Loreal. It's a great casual lipstick that won't come off too much on your coffee cup. I have to disagree on the 2 drink limit though. We all look much better after at least 3 :o)

  5. I am the same way. The only way I can truly comprehend something is do actually do it. Repetition is everything. Your classy guidelines are spot on. I always say I'm going to take better care of my hair but going to the stylist feels like such a chore. Plus I know they are judging me and my split ends.

  6. Those classy tips seem pretty legit to me!
    I really like your outfit here as well. The print on your dress is adorable and I love how you wore it as a top.