Monday, December 13, 2010

o christmas tree

(my parents' backyard)

Whew, what a weekend! We were super-productive and officially kicked off the holiday season with cookie-baking, present-shopping and tree-chopping. Here is a glimpse of my Sunday (prepare yourself for photo overload):

I untangled and tested the lights to make sure they all worked (to avoid the last-minute trip[s] to the store for a functional strand like last year).

We drove through a blizzard. I feared for my life.

When we finally arrived (a bit late), we were greeted by my favorite furry fellow and yummy food and drink:

I wore this...

...played with this guy...

...hung out with a pretty cool crowd...

...and (watched while my dear old dad) chopped down a tree (or three!)...

We dragged the three trees back down to the house...

...where the menfolk tied the tree down to the car...

...and I played some more.

(Merlin's a natural blogger--look at his pose!)

We retired to the living room for some Bananagrams, champagne, and the annual viewing of White Christmas (best movie ever) before heading home to decorate our tree:



It's so incredibly cozy in our apartment! As I mentioned last year, my parents gave me an ornament every year when I was growing up, and K and I have continued that tradition by getting two ornaments together every Christmas. Here are the new additions:

(K got this little walrus for me because I thought he was too adorable for words)

(I got this accordian for K because he's been teaching himself how to play--he's actually pretty good by now!)

So far, it's been a very merry Christmas :)


  1. Aw, this is the perfect amount of festive - any more and I would have been jealous-to-the-point-of-bitter of your decorated Christmas tree, tasty eats and uber cute dog... :)

  2. Aww, it looks like you had such a lovely festive weekend! I love your bright red skirt, perfect for tree decorating! :)

  3. Merlin looks like a pretty awesome dog. Looks like you had quite the festive weekend!

  4. Merlin is indeed a natural blogger, and so's the little walrus guy!

    I am so jealous of your snowy, christmassy, family-y adventures. You have no idea... : )

  5. wow, cutting down a tree of your parents property - that sounds amazing! much more fun than dragging the ole artificial tree out of the basement and up three flights of stairs :/

    love your new ornaments!

  6. um winter wonderland or what!? those pictures were lovely. thanks for sharing. aghh i love christmas.

  7. Love this post! So festive and fun. My parents do the same every thing and give us an ornament every year! So cool that you share that too!