Friday, December 11, 2009

polar bear games

Holy smokes, it sure can snow around here.

It's been blizzarding for days! This is not people weather--this is most definitely polar bear weather. At least my new ornament friend is comfortable:

This week was a whirlwind of quasi-productivity. I say "quasi" because we got some things done but it took wayyyyyy longer & wayyyyyy much more effort than it probably should have.

For example, after K and I got the Christmas tree we decided to wait until the next evening to decorate it, because we were tired (read: lazy) after a day of tromping in the forest. The next night, when we finally got in gear, we realized that all of our Christmas lights from last year were kaput:

So we drove to the store in my sleigh. The store was closed.

So we drove to the big store (grumbling all the way, except not really because it was an adventure) and purchased one box of 100 lights. We drove home, set up our Christmas music on Pandora, and K started stringing them up. They barely reached halfway up the tree.

After weighing our options we got back in the car and drove to the big store again, where we purchased a second box of 100 lights.

We decorated our sweetly scrawny tree and let it blaze in all its 200-light glory:

Isn't our tree charming? Times like these make me really glad that my parents got me a special ornament every year while I was growing up. At this point I have quite a collection of meaningful ornaments that take me back through the years every time I unwrap them for the season. To carry on the tradition, K and I have been collecting our own ornaments each Christmas for the past three years and Polar Bear is our latest addition. We welcome him warmly to our tree family.

In other Arctic News, our very own Polar Express passed by while we were throwing away our old lights:

Now the only thing left to do is eat Christmas cookies, overdose on rum-nog and watch my favorite Christmas movie of all time (along with some others, I'm sure)!


  1. Caitlin!! Where did you get your hat? I am dying for one exactly like yours- so cute!!

    Aww your Christmas tree is so pretty (and that same exact thing happen to took me 3 days to decorate the tree..hehe)!

    Hope you have a wonderful wkend!


  2. So pretty! your hat is simply perfect for the wonderful snow pictures! ;)

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  3. I loved reading this post! Can't wait to keep reading your blog!