Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bonjour wednesday!

Last week of the year, you have been a lonely one.

I bought this top for 10 euros when I was living in Ireland. The corset clasps are pretty mangled and I think it's nearing the end of its life... I may have to retire it entirely into the trash for 2010, but I did want to get one last wear out of it before saying goodbye!

(skirt/scarf/belt: vintage; corset top: some store in Ireland, maybe TopShop, definitely clearance; shoes: DSW; cardigan: old H&M)
Please forgive the blurry photo, but my camera apparently had a secret anxiety attack this morning because there were major focus issues. It was probably just freaked out about going outside--I know I was! Temperatures haven't climbed above zero this week!


  1. Fabulous combination of neutral and primary colors. Adore the yellow tights. That's one of the only colors I haven't been brave enough for YET.