Wednesday, December 23, 2009

party of five

I dedicate this outfit to Brother #2, who expressed exasperation and befuddlement regarding the new high-waisted skirt trend... "why do girls wear their skirts all the way up to here??" he demanded to know. I tried to explain to him that it made perfect sense; that this is actually where a woman's waist is. He wasn't having it, exclaiming: "there's hardly any shirt anymore!"

(cardigan: old navy; lacy tank top: charlotte russe; scarf&skirt: vintage; tights: HUE; boots: ALDO)

He seems to have forgotten that the last time I wore this skirt in his presence he laughed at me and said I "reminded him of his Halloween costume" (he went as a 'hipster').

Ah yes, the joys of holidays at home...

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