Friday, December 4, 2009

meh blah ick sigh friday

I've been feeling so very meh blah ick sigh about my wardrobe lately, and for some reason the nights don't bring me much sleep so I'm super-rushed and yawn in the morning and don't have time to put an acceptable outfit together. COMBINED = no good.

And while other bloggers are yakking it up about how a great outfit can turn a bad day around, the opposite has been true for me lately. It kills my day when I wake up and can't put an acceptable ensemble together... so I snap some photos and end up changing into something completely different or an extreme variation of the original. I think the black tights are the biggest problem here. If I knew how to work Photoshop I might be able to turn them flesh-colored, but that wouldn't be very honest, now would it? Anyway, after taking these, I scrapped the hat, threw on a navy cardigan and swapped out the shoes to my suede-y blues.

And then a very bad (or good) thing happened...

...I shopped Ruche:

(even though this might mean that I can't afford to get my car inspected, by which I mean that I have to get my car inspected so I have to have the winshield replaced and I have to buy a new gas cap and I may have to have something done to my catalytic converter but I know nothing about cars so yikes, who knows? so I guess I probably can't afford groceries but this is kind of more satisfying than food, if you ask me)

And then a good thing happened :)

I stalk Ruche and ModCloth like it's my job. And Etsy, too, but that's different. I actually buy things on Etsy occasionally. Although I drool all over my keyboard every time something new pops up on ModCloth I have never purchased anything. This makes me very sad, but the prices are just this much too high for me and by the time I decide I must buckle down and finally just drop the dollars on this or that particular dress... it's sold out. The same thing happens with Ruche but the sell-outs on that site aren't quite as devastating because I've only discovered it in depth fairly recently. ModCloth and I have had a long, drawn out love-hate relationship that will probably go on until the end of time.

It's been an off week. I'll try to do better, I promise.

(dress: H&M (from my college days); shoes: Steve Madden; hat: UO; accessories: thrifted; smile: Ruche)


  1. fabulous shoes,adorable white dress and sweet cap.

  2. Oh Caitlin, you have the most adorable clothes; you shouldn't feel blah about your outift (but I do know what you mean... I have all these clothes in my clothes, but sometimes I just feel like i have absolutely nothing worth showing).

    Loving everything about this outfit! That knit hat and sandals look amazing with your white dress. Oh man, so in love!