Wednesday, December 2, 2009

to be(lt) or not to be(lt)

Moi, dans le sac.

K got me the infamous "le sac" dress from American Apparel last year for Christmas, and although I adore the color, I don't wear it all that often because I can never seem to get it right (sound familiar?). The way I usually style it, with the straps all criss-crossed and cracked-out to create some semblance of waistline (and then belted) looks a little too Grecian Goddess-Dominatrix for daily wear.

At the same time, I struggle with just letting it hang saggy-sac on my body because my short shape doesn't support such an unflattering cut very well. Sure, it "hides" this-and-that, but I always end up feeling like people assume I'm hiding more than I really am.

...but who cares what people think.
(& Le Sac from Le Back):

I did end up wearing a belt today, but in retrospect I kind of like the loose look a lot more.

(le sac dress: American Apparel; tights: TJMaxx; shoes: Value Village; faux pearls: Claire's; belt: Steve Madden)

After positioning le sac on my shoulders I found I had a lot of leftover string-belt (bad), so I improvised a rosette by tying bows into knots (good):

Insta-femininity! (and not Grecian-Dominatrix at all)

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