Monday, December 28, 2009

merry monday

Well, I guess that's that! Christmas has officially come and gone, and I must admit I feel mostly relieved. It was lovely to spend the extra-long weekend with the family playing nonstop games of BANANAGRAMS and stuffing myself with chocolate, cheese and wine, but after a while all good things start to feel a little bit sickening (at least, the chocolate, cheese and wine do... the BANANAGRAMS are still awesome).

After the wild annual Christmas Eve party at my parents' house, which looked a little something like this...

...and a nine-hour day of successful shopping with my like-minded mother, it's back to work I go:

(dress: Filene's Basement; blazer: mom's; belt/scarf: thrifted; tights: stocking stuffer; shoes: Marshall's)

My only goal this week is to apply for my passport so that I am allowed to leave the country. These borders suffocate me if I can't pass over them at least once every six months. I'm currently coveting a train trip (although we will take the car to maximize freedom of movement) from Quebec to Newfoundland & New Brunswick:

(photos courtesy of

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