Monday, December 14, 2009

I have a confession to make. Now that there is snow on the ground, I'm really struggling with finding an appropriate place to take blogfotos. It was one thing to let my heels sink into the mud during the fall, but a foot of snow? It defeats the purpose of even wearing shoes! This is a serious creative challenge.

I was in a rush this morning (who am I kidding, I'm always in a rush) so I copped out a little bit. I tried packing down some snow outside but that was difficult in my pointy shoes and I gave up pretty fast. After a few blah photos on the stoop:

...I retreated inside & stood in the "foray" (if you can call it that):

Please pardon the broom and the hacksaw.

My weekend was so unbelievably uneventful, I can't even really remember what I did. Most of it looked a little something like this:

Although I have little to no interest in watching the new 90210 on CWTV, it did inspire me to watch the original show (instantly on Netflix!) and it's awesome! The clothes, the characters, the cheesy morals... it's good, wholesome fun and I really can't imagine how I've never seen this before. It even made me step back a little bit and re-evaluate the television shows of today that I indulge in (guiltily, but not guiltily enough to stop!) and how utterly obnoxious and pointless they are. Whereas Gossip Girl has practically no plot and revolves entirely around outrageous fashion and revolving relationships (with the occasional spoiled rich-person problems thrown in but never productively addressed... and lessons never learned), each episode of 1990s 90210 has a fully-formed message that comes across clearly and with minimal cheese. Relationships seem to be secondary, and I was rather surprised how the show could transition so seamlessly through such serious issues (social injustice, racial tension and stereotyping, date-rape, AIDS, drugs, teenage motherhood), managing to hit a point home without hammering you over the head with it.

Anyway, I'm impressed. And did I mention the crazy clothes?


  1. nice work! love the shoes.

  2. that looks liek a good spot for pics too. :-) I am in a rush every morning too!