Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my christmas wrapping

As promised, here are the photos of my Christmas Eve ensemble! I wore this to the annual party at my parents' house, where I filled myself with food and wine and caroled myself hoarse.

(dress: Bargain Boutique; tights: Ralph Lauren; shoes: Payless)

I found this perfect little plaid number at Bargain Boutique for $2 and couldn't wait to wear it for the holiday celebration. Trouble was, it only looked adorable in my mind. In real life, it looked like this:

Do not underestimate the power of a blind hem and basic alteration skills. The dress didn't come out quite as form-fitting as I had hoped (after several failed attempts at bringing in the side seams, I cut open the back and restitched it, eliminating several inches from the bodice but leaving the arms somewhat saggy), but as long as I keep my arms down nobody is the wiser. Slowly but surely I am experimenting with more complex alteration!

And now, just because:

(Christmas Dinner)

(A goat--inexplicably with a fish tail--sculpted out of [you guessed it] goat cheese; by the illustrious Casey Lussier for last night's dinner party)


  1. Oh, this is incredibly pretty! I'm amazed you saw the potential in that thing, but it looks really great (wouldn't have noticed the saggy arms if you hadn't mentioned it). Those are some great tights too. And wow! to the goat cheese sculpture!

  2. wow what a transformation with that dress!hope you had a merry xmas!

  3. holy crap! i CANNOT believe that is the same dress!!! i am so impressed!!!! amazing. you look beautiful, too :)

  4. wow i cant believe how well you reworked that dress, great job

  5. Wow, that's quite a transformation! I'm planning to try something similar - and for a few pounds for a second hand dress there won't be any tears if it goes wrong.

  6. Good job! I often feel that way about dowdy over long dresses, it's amazing what chopping off a foot of fabric can do! You made it look really cute and modern.

  7. great job!.. and the tights are perfect!!!
    happy new year!

  8. I guess this was the season for reworking red dresses of massive length. Yours turned out great! I've been meaning to learn some basic hemming skills for a while now. It would certainly be most helpful.

    Um, that goat cheese goat sculpture is pretty darn amazing. Was it just random or is it a traditional thing? I just learned this past Easter that it's a Polish custom to sculpt butter into the shape of a lamb.

  9. Nice work Caitlin! I would have never imagined that dress could looks so good, nice eye.