Friday, December 10, 2010

if a sheep jumped off a bridge

First: the good. I LOVE this sheep sweater. You saw it briefly in the photo shoot that K and I did last month, but the detail is the best part :) I found this little treasure at Goodwill, and despite my immediate attraction to its overwhelming awesomeness, I was reluctant to buy. It fit really strangely (I think it is probably meant for a child, or some lazy lady like me who refused to dry clean wool and shrunk it in the wash). The belt helps me look a little bit less than a sheep (round and fluffy white wool) and a little more like a girl :)

(sweater/belt: goodwill; dress/fur collar: h&m; boots: aldo)

Okay, now for the bad and the ugly: It. Is. Cold. Temperatures dropped below zero last night and as far as I could tell they did not climb above until after I suffered through this photoshoot. The joy of snow has been replaced by miserable, unforgiving frigidity. It was so mind-bogglingly freezing that in many of the outtakes I was quite literally cross-eyed with cold (that's the ugly--luckily you've been spared). There is nothing flattering about photographs taken in those conditions. Luckily, I fully intended to wear another sweater today, and didn't decide to dress entirely inappropriately (as I've been known to do). I had to drop my car off at the garage for a checkup this morning (she's been playing this really fun game with me lately where whenever I try to put gas in her she spits it back out and the pump shuts down [you can lead a car to a gas pump...]) and then I had to walk to work in these subzero temps. And I'll have to walk back to pick her up. It feels like the coldest day of my life, but I know that's an exaggeration--I have to toughen up! We're in for a long, cold one...

(what I saw on my walk to work)


  1. ok, I'm very jealous of your sheep sweater!!!! :)

  2. Ha! It is like 3 degrees here in New England today, I go outside and my brain no longer works because I am so damn cold! AHHH!
    Anyways I am really loving that thrifted sweater. I often frequent goodwill and ALWAYS find amazing pieces!


  3. Brrrr! You can almost feel the cold through your photos...

    I had a sweater quite similar that my auntie made me and I loved it. It was pretty threadbare by the time I outgrew it.

    Keep warm!!!

  4. Fun title, great outfit, and fabulous post! xo style, she wrote

  5.!!! i have not been following your blog very long, but this is DEFINITELY my fav look on you yet! SWOON!!!!

  6. How cute is that sweater?! Crazy cute :)

    Sounds like mulled wine weather. Keep warm and cosy this weekend!