Thursday, December 30, 2010

the key to 2011

This well may be my last outfit post of 2010! K and I are leaving for Portland (ME) tomorrow morning for a low-key destination NYE. I'm delighted to be getting out of town--we'll probably just check out some of the festivities, have some delicious Indian food for dinner and retire back to the hotel for champagne by our in-room fireplace!

(necklace: gift from K; headband: DIY; shirt: Old Navy; skirt/scarf: vintage; tights: HUE; socks: TJMaxx; boots: Seychelles)

K gave this necklace to me for Christmas--he works with a woman who repurposes antique skeleton keys (among other things) to make jewelry, and of course he immediately thought of me. I like a man who knows what I like! Anyway, I think it is quite lovely. The designer has a blog and etsy shop with some really beautiful and creative pieces, many of which seem inspired by nature--petite pearls in a nest play at unhatched eggs, little honeybees chase beads of nectar down a chain and kitschy antique pendants wax reminiscent of a rose garden--and all are playfully pretty and totally worth checking out!

As for the headpiece: my childhood girlfriends and I have been exchanging gifts since we first started receiving an allowance, and this year I really wanted to make something for them. I had the idea to make headpieces out of doilies a long time ago but never actually got around to doing it, so when I unearthed a heaping stash of pretty doilies while perusing JoAnn Fabrics, I knew I had struck gold. I had originally intended to attach them to barrettes, but after sewing the doilies onto sheets of felt in camel, baby blue, royal blue and black I decided I wanted the pieces to contour to the head and it just didn't look right on a barrette. Luckily, I had some supplies in my craft drawer (because of course I was doing this super-last-minute)--I started out with black velvet ribbon, which disappointed me by running out after three headpieces, so I had to improvise once again. I had some sheer lace-like material (purchased last halloween for a never-worn owl costume), which I cut into strips, and VoilĂ ! I had also intended to make the headpieces a little bit more elaborate by adding buttons or lace or feathers or all of the above, but I think I prefer the understated simplicity of the stand-alone doily. And it kind of looks like a snowflake, which is totally winter-appropriate!

Happy New Year, everyone!
I can't wait to spend it with each and every one of you :)


  1. love your outfit and your new necklace!
    happy new year :)

  2. Aaah that headpiece is amazing. So cute. and I wish I had that skirt haha. Great outfit :)

  3. ooh cute head band, its even better that you made it!

  4. I love key necklaces so that is amazing

    Have a good NYE!

  5. Very cute outfit and ingenious use of a lace doilie. Happy 2010!

  6. I think this is a perfectly "Caitlin" look to finish off the year with. I'm looking forward to all of your lovely outfits (but even more to your rambles about life) in 2011!

    Oh, and well done on the headpieces. I'm so uncreative these days...

  7. So many good things here. I'm loving the scarf tied up as a belt and your diy headband.

    Repurposing skeleton keys is one of my favorite things. My grandparents gave me a few that I wear as necklaces, too.