Friday, December 17, 2010


After allowing my semi-bare skin to touch the icy air yesterday, it was back to thermals and knits for me this morning. I spent yesterday evening eating leftover chili (I made another batch) and reading Saul Bellow with a glass of red wine in my cozy apartment, while the best kind of snow fell outside my window.

(sweater/thermal: tjmaxx; belt: goodwill; jeans: pacsun; boots: aldo)

I'm pretty excited for this weekend. K and I have some tentative plans to get out and about (and I still have some shopping to do), so (snow willing) it should be pretty fun! It's the last weekend before Christmas, so I want to spend most of my eveningtime just sipping hot cocoa and enjoying the luminosity of our friendly neighborhood fir tree :)


  1. Love your sweater and that last photo is very sweet :)

    Have a most excellent weekend!

  2. its true! you have to bask in the tree lights while you can! the holidays fly by so fast :)

  3. niiice and warm outfit!!!
    Love taupe polish!!!

  4. This sounds heavenly! I'm totally digging the red layer underneath the knitwear and belt - awesome!

  5. That big over-sweater is excellent, especially with red underneath (of course)!

    And reading by the light of the Christmas tree is a favourite winter activity. I've never read any Saul Bellow though. Recommended?